lawn sausages will last for weeks / releasing noxious gas

Poetic genius from our friends at Snohomish County Public Works

If taking care of number two
is number one to you,
then picking up your doggy doo
should matter lots to you.

Doogies don’t just fade away
or fertilize the grass;
lawn sausages will keep for weeks
releasing noxious gas.

About the time you think they’re gone
they’ve only just begun,
emitting bad bacteria
and foul things one by one.

and E. co-li are bad;
Giardia may sound like fun
But it will make you sad.

The rains, they come and wash the dung
just as it turns ripe,
down a swirling storm drain
and out into a pipe.

The pipe goes on for miles and miles
or further it may seem,
and then it pumps the poopie out
right into a stream!

Nuggets don’t belong in streams
where salmon try to swim;
some day that fish could be your meal
on a hungry whim.

So scoop the poop and bag it
and place it in the trash;
your doggy doo reflects on you,
It’s what your puppy passed!

1 Response to “lawn sausages will last for weeks / releasing noxious gas”

  1. 1 Lisa Vittori
    October 27, 2012 at 2:53 pm

    Hi, folks! I’m a dog person in San Francisco, looking for clever and effective ways to encourage us to pay attention to deposits left behind. We have a very active off-leash culture here, which is easier to justify when we keep public spaces clean. Thanks for your poetry!

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