Poo Disaster at Coliseum Park

Poo Disaster at Coliseum Park:

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1 Response to “Poo Disaster at Coliseum Park”

  1. March 13, 2014 at 5:26 pm

    There was an interesting comment on the South Loop Dog PAC’s Facebook page from someone who thinks he’s figured it out. Turns out there’s a brand new playground in Coliseum Park, right next to the dog park there –

    As I was working on breaking up the ice, I figured out exactly how this has happened. It is the lazy moms that have their kids at the park and put their dogs in the dog run unattended. Then when they are done playing, they get their dogs from the gate and leave. I said something to one of them today but she blew it off.

    Could this be? Could it be that Coliseum Park is so bad because ‘mom’s are dropping off their dogs to poo unattended while they play with their kids?

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