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Dogkisser blog

There’s a blog out of Canada that came to our attention when its author commented here (when we first started). She had clearly thought a lot about dog poo, dog parks and dogs in society. It’s worth checking out: the DogKisser Blog.

Here are her posts about poop. This author has a ton of observations that are relevant and useful to us.

Example: the need for trash pickup and bag supply to raise compliance. Otherwise, any policy is neglectful and disingenuous:

What do I think would raise compliance and make people start picking up their dogs’ poop?

  1. Poop bags at all entrances to Point Pleasant Park.
  2. GARBAGE CANS to put the poop bags in – and people to EMPTY THE GARBAGE CANS.
  3. City staff in the parks to FINE PEOPLE who DON’T pick up their dogs poop.

Those 3 things would raise compliance by about 1000%. Right now people know that they can get away with not picking up their dogs poop. So why should they? If there’s no consequences – there’s going to be NO COMPLIANCE. It’s pretty simple.

You can put all the flags in poop that you want. But if you don’t give dog owners some tools to deal with the poop – you’re being VERY disingenous. And unfair.

Example: poo should be considered best as litter; but dog owners are judged as a class:

I liken dog shit to Tim Horton’s cups – people throw them away everywhere – and you see them everywhere, but you’d never consider shutting down any Tim Horton’s coffee shops because of people throwing away their cups irresponsibly instead of putting them into garbage receptacles. Simply because you can assign a niche demographic to place blame on – does not mean that you can shut down access to public space to the whole of that demographic for the irresponsibility of a small minority.

That is completely wrong – and non-sensical as shutting down every Tim Hortons because of their cups being thrown away on street corners. It’s exactly the same thing.

p.s. What’s a Tim Horton’s, eh?


Direct action at Jones park

A friend of South Poop writes:

Since the snow has melted over the past couple of days an abundance of abandoned poop has been revealed at Mary Jones Richardson Park (Park 479).

I had an idea. I made some make shift flags out of skewers that say “Abandoned turd adopted by XXX” on one side. On the other side it says “Clean Your Poop!” “Identify and report those who do not!”

So I picked up the aforementioned turds at MJR Park and then replaced each with a flag.

I think it would be pretty cool if that went on around other parts of the neighborhood. It would alert neighbors that someone is abandoning turds. It would also let the perpetrator know they are being watched and likely to be very embarrassed when caught.

How about the South Poop promotional potential too?

Let it not be forgotten that the overwhelming majority of dog owners in the neighborhood are responsible. If they weren’t we would be up to our necks in shit.

First of all – thanks to our correspondent for the shout-out to South Poop!

Second – great idea! And one we’ve been considering for a while.

We’re going to move forward on this – look for South Poop poo flags in your neighborhood soon!


Is Coliseum Park going to hell?

We’re hearing reports that there’s dog poo all over the Coliseum Park Dog Run and that the adjacent grassy park area is also a mess of poo!

What’s going on?

If you’ve seen people walking away from their poo please please please let us know. Better yet, send us a quick picture and we’ll post it here.

The last thing we need now is some a*$*hole leaving shit all over.

Let’s get ’em. If you have specific ideas about what to do, please leave them in the Comments.


The Big Dogs have their revenge

Call out the small dogs will you?  

The Big Dogs have had their revenge.

We found some fatties in the gravel at Grant Bark Park:


A beautiful new field of grass

A beautiful new field of lush grass has just opened up north of Ping Tom Park!

… and some sad fellow has already started leaving poos for the rest of us to find!

Here you go (at the north edge of the grassy area):


Coliseum Park DPFA never disappoints

dog poo friendly area, indeed!

a hearty welcome to your fellow dog owners…

many thanks to the ‘poo angels’ who try to keep this place clean.


Cottontail Park Teacupper

A well-fed teacupper on the snow in Cottontail Park.


teacup poo

teacup poo at cottontail park.

thanks, ‘teacupper‘!


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