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“Funny action against heap”

Funny action against heap” – that’s the Google Translation of  “Lustige Aktion gegen Häufchen“, the title of this YouTube video.

Kackel helps dachshund – Funny action against heap

Thanks to Google Translate for this:

What man is fun, he does like too. The action took up this theme. The volunteers were given the children’s game “Kackel dachshund” as a thank you for their commitment.

Thus, the tedious collection of the heap was turned into a fun action. 65 Maintaler therefore helped with the first day and gained 3 kg dog pile.

The game “Kackel dachshund” sets an example and shows how to deal with the pile of dog – because winning is who is the first to fully dog pile of a shovel.

Taboos such as animal faeces fascinate children, and that is used for the funny Goliath thrill of his game: The cube in turn decide whether to feed the hungry, the players Kackel dachshund for a walk or go to.

Then hopefully the unspeakable happened!

Might work for younger kids.

Somehow I don’t think that the teenagers are going to go for this!

Here’s the announcement (again, thx to Google Translate):

On Tuesday 14 September is the opening event on the campaign “” on the Main Dörnigheim meadows in Maine, level of Mühlheimer ferry instead. The supporters of the initiative do sensiblisieren Maintaler the citizens, especially all dog owners and dog-holder, to the problem of dog waste on playgrounds and Gewegen, in parks and public green spaces. By participating, can win in the opening event of something: The Family Game “Kackel dachshund” Goliath of the games publisher, which addresses a funny way, the problem with dog waste.

Location: Maine

Insane as this is, I think it’s is a good project!

& what a great phrase!  Maybe we’ll can use it as a slogan: ‘South Poop – Funny action against heap!’


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